What is Remote Latin America?

An authentic boutique travel show.
A journey to an astonishing remote place.

A singular meeting of owners and top representatives from small, independent hotels and boats from Latin America and the Caribbean with some of the best travel designers in the world. A nomadic outdoor office for doing business. And a remarkable experience for learning about, sharing and staying up to date on the challenges and trends in the industry. The smallest travel event on Earth is proudly the one that creates the biggest connections: the ones that really matter.



is to create a dream environment for connections and learning, sharing experiences, long-lasting businesses, stimulating ideas and trends.




Some features we consider when selecting participants:

  • Focus on comfort and excellence in service Interest in tailor-made experiences
  • A taste for locales off-the-beaten-path
  • Value for the outdoors and remote locations
  • Commitment to sustainability
  • Respect for authentic local culture
  • Quest for new ideas and trends
  • Positive impact


Remote Latin America
is connected by SUL Hotels

A boutique brand that handpicks the best hotel experiences in Latin America and promotes creative events like Remote. It’s designed by Roberto Bittelman, Clara Davies, Lígia Secco and a committed team with vast experience in the independent tourism market focusing on high-standard products.